A truly “made-in-Salvagnini” philosophy


KinEtic is the company philosophy applied to the design and manufacture of the entire range of products. It summarizes the ethical values that allow to go beyond machine innovation and achieve significant goals for man and his work:


  • high productivity
  • intelligent energy consumption
  • selective safety systems
  • machine ergonomics
  • easy use and maintenance
  • constant innovation


A new type of ethic: KinEtic

We have coined this term to describe the philosophy that guides our entire production and share it with those who choose our machines and systems. KinEtic means innovation that respects both man and the environment.


Low consumption, safe technology,
respect for the environment


Ecological structures

We have chosen to use metal panels around our machines and to employ water-based paint so as to eliminate both organic solvents and colorants containing heavy metals. The introduction of water-soluble paint greatly reduces both chemical and fire risk too.


Selective safety systems

All Salvagnini machines are CE and partly UL/CSA compliant.

They are all equipped with appropriate safety devices. Certain areas can be selectively inhibited for testing or maintenance without shutting down the entire production line. The result is reduced energy consumption and correct waste handling and disposal along with complete operator safety (for which we have been awarded OHSAS 18001 accreditation).


High-efficiency components

High-efficiency components and low-consumption actuators in operations that do not require special power have helped to drastically reduce energy consumption. We have also paid considerable attention to machine maintenance: thanks to the use of original design solutions, our machines are now even more cost-effective and user-friendly.


Extremely low noise levels

The use of high-efficiency components, such as brush worktables and tools with their own blankholder, has resulted in below-average in-cycle noise levels (66 dB), far below the legal limit.