Salvagnini and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 indicates the use of cyber-physical systems (CPS) and digital technologies (cloud, IoT, Big Data) for improving work conditions and increasing the productivity and productive quality of plants, creating a collaboration between all aspects involved in the productive process, i.e. the operator, machines and instruments.

The machines are interconnected and adaptive, able to exchange high level information among each other and with the external environment.


Salvagnini natively integrates the 4.0 concept among its solutions: in 1985 it produced the first automatic job shop (AJS) for lights-out production comprised of 12 interconnected systems that communicate with MRP. Today AJS indicates a set of Salvagnini systems that are orchestrated by the OPS process software for the intelligent integration between machines and the customer’s ERP.

How Salvagnini implements 4.0

  • OPS – connection with the company’s ERP. It is possible for every Salvagnini system to be equipped with OPS, the combinable and modular software that permits data exchange with the factory’s information system: from the order, to the generation of machine programs, to the return of product quantities and consumed materials.
  • MAC2.0the intelligent closed chain sensors and proprietary algorithms developed in all Salvagnini product lines permit every machine to adapt automatically in cycle to external variations (material being processed, temperature etc) 
  • FLEXIBLE AUTOMATIONthanks to the original integrated solutions, Salvagnini systems are suitable for being inserted in flexible production cells or lines, and are able to produce the correct quantity of product, at the right moment, concentrating on added value operations, while minimizing WIP, waste and inefficiencies and reducing delivery lead-times.
  • LINKS: Salvagnini’s IoT solution, developed on a maximum security Microsoft platform, guarantees continuous and effective monitoring of systems in production, also remotely, and allows technical support to respond in a targeted and quick manner.